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AR2804 in High Res | Feb 26th 2021


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Woke up to fog, but was blessed with some good seeing and a clear sky this morning. I was able to get close to some limits with high resolution setup and after seeing deteriorated went to a moderate resolution setup for a wider field of view. I spent most of the time on AR2804 as it has evolved into a really interesting sunspot with a huge lovely penumbra with lots of fibrils and the plage around it has lots of great activity including minor flaring. Upper chromosphere and lower photosphere represented in 656nm and 600nm wavelengths to handle the seeing. Seeing was spiking to 0.8 arc-seconds this morning, so that's where I captured the 200mm data, and when seeing was closer to 1 & 1.2 arc-seconds I captured the 120mm data. I was able to piece together a short time lapse of AR2804 from the 200mm data to see how rapid the plasma was moving and represented real time of only about 4 minutes.


Time Lapse (4 minute) of AR2804 in High Res:




Colored High Res (200mm):









Colored Wide Field (120mm):










Seeing Conditions:


200mm's conditions (0.8 arc-seconds):




120mm Conditions (1 to 1.2 arc-seconds):






C8 Edge HD + 214mm D-ERF + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter (2nd D-ERF)
+ PST Etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM (HA High Res)
+ Baader ND3 + ASI290MM (600nm Photosphere High Res)


120mm F10 Refractor + Baader Red CCD-IR Block Filter (Sub-aperture internal D-ERF)
+ PST Etalon + 10mm BF + ASI290MM (HA wide field)
+ Baader ND3 + ASI290MM (600nm Photosphere wide field)




Very best,

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