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California nebula

P Holdsworth

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Well here's one that won't be making it into the competition!!

After two months of not a single image it was just nice to be outside and at least get something. Just 3 hours of 3min subs with a pretty much full moon so it's not great I know. Probably should have picked a target much further away from the moon but wanted something bright and quick. According to clear outside there's no nights again this week so yeah just nice to get something last night. 

Cheers Paul

California V2.2.jpg

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My old Nan's expression of " You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" springs to mind with this one ! Anyway given no clear skies again this week thought I'd have another go at processing the California nebula from last Saturday. It's still just 3 hours of data but maybe a slight improvement on the processing. 1933437685_californiaforumfinal.thumb.jpg.ea378e83efd61a5e3f972c488f75f75c.jpg

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