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Herbig Haro Object


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This hobby is always throwing up interesting facts about the night sky objects we image, and things we didn't know existed. Today I was browsing the internet, and come across an article about Herbig Haro objects, especially one in the Pelican Nebula. Having a recent image of the Pelican, I found the object quite easy, even if it is quite small in perspective to the nebula. The image below shows the Herbig Haro object circled. The two jets at the end of the dark column of gas, (more or less 90° to the column) is the Herbig Haro object. Some of you might have a clearer image of the object, the Pelican itself was taken on an 80ED, so not the highest resolution ever.




The Wiki explanation of a Herbig Haro object.


Herbig–Haro (HH) objects are bright patches of nebulosity associated with newborn stars. They are formed when narrow jets of partially ionised gas ejected by stars collide with nearby clouds of gas and dust at several hundred kilometres per second. Herbig–Haro objects are commonly found in star-forming regions, and several are often seen around a single star, aligned with its rotational axis. Most of them lie within about one parsec (3.26 light-years) of the source, although some have been observed several parsecs away. HH objects are transient phenomena that last around a few tens of thousands of years. They can change visibly over timescales of a few years as they move rapidly away from their parent star into the gas clouds of interstellar space (the interstellar medium or ISM). Hubble Space Telescope observations have revealed the complex evolution of HH objects over the period of a few years, as parts of the nebula fade while others brighten as they collide with the clumpy material of the interstellar medium.



HH 555 .jpg

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