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The Flaming Star


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Another short break in the clouds allowed me to get some time on a new target for me.


This is only 90 minutes of 180s with the ASI2600mc but I think that for that integration time its not too bad. I was astonished at how much of the blue part of the nebula was standing out considering that this was Monday of this week and so moon was still 90%.


I am starting to fall in love with this camera - if only I could get some real time on something to do it justice.


30 X 180s, SW 80ED, NEQ6, ASI2600mc, 2" L-eNhance

C&C welcome


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Very nice image and impressive that it is only 90mins of data. The new generation of colour cameras has definitely improved the likelihood of complete images for U.K. enthusiasts. During the Initial years in this hobby my main achievement was the generation of incomplete data sets and I was lucky if I achieved a handful of decent colour images. The future is bright.

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Thanks for the comments folks.

@Vicki yes I was astonished to see so much blue all things considered.


But i have a confession to make - when i went to next use the scope the L-enhance was not in the train - it never had been. So the above was not, infact with the L-enhance, which rather explains the colour in the stars.

@MarkAR I wnt back and did a full reprocess - knowing it was not filtered I did Photometric Colour calibration and did a bit more star reduction. Resulting in:




I prefer the colours in this second but I like how much more nebulosity shows in the first.

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