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Hello from Guildford


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Hi all, just managed to log in after initial gremlins.

I'm still relatively new to astrophotography only starting this April but have been managing some great nights out and getting some good images in between the clouds.

Cheers, Mark.

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Posted by: @Superlunarchick

Hi Mark! Wow, so only year this starting up. A truly fantastic and rewarding hobby isn't it?

That's when nearly everything goes right, when nearly everything goes wrong is another matter ? ? 

I think I got lucky with picking my gear secondhand, chap was selling everything but a mount, then after a chat he announced he's selling his AZ-EQ6 as well. Then on top of the Altair 115EDT, cameras and mount, he didn't tell me it included a 250P-DS in the price ? 

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That's the way to do it!!  ?   Great start Mark.  I started at the bottom with a cheap Newt bought from the long river site, then found a forum to join and the rest is history, as they say.  My first go at imaging was with a webcam.  I managed to capture Saturn showing its rings and was "over the moon" ? 

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