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M81 Bode's Galaxy LHaRGB

Padraic M

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Managed to sort out some of my equipment woes last night, with a full replacement set of high-quality USB cables. Unfortunately, my new Startech USB3.0 hub refused to connect at all, so I had to swap it out for the old USB 2.0 hub. Worked fairly well, but the scope disconnected from NINA at some stage during the night. Guiding was just under 2" which isn't great but that's for another night.

This image is LHaRGB as follows:

10x150s Baader RGB

12x300s Baader Ha 3.5nm

Super-luminance from all channels

Processed in APP, Gimp, Starnet++ and Noise Ninja.

Imaging: Esprit 80, Heq5 Pro, ASI1600mm Pro @ -20c, gain 139, offset 21; NINA for sequencing.

Guiding: AA Starwave 50mm; ASI290mm Minil PHD2


CC welcome!



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