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NGC4631 & NGC4656


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Tuesday night was promised good but it turned out there was a high haze which essentially wiped out 3 hours of data I had collected on the Tadpoles. It seemed to be thinning a bit at around midnight (I was getting ready to give up and bring the kit in) so I moved to The Whale and The Crowbar and got about 4 hours until fog rolled in. The seeing was pretty poor, the haze still affecting the bright stars. I think the haze is also the reason why I've got so little of the Crowbars "tidal tail" to show - not enough contast. But all in all, considering the conditions, I'm reasonably satisfied with this.


79 X 180s, SW Evostar 80ED, ASI2600mc, NEQ6


C&C greatly appreciated.


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55 minutes ago, PeterBolt said:

I love the colours - nice image.  Were you using any filters?

Thanks for that. No filter at all on this one as it was not far past new moon. But I'm wondering if the l-enhance would have helped on the earlier effort on the tadpoles - but then of course the star colours would be shot.

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Agree on the sky conditions last night - I was out as well but with narrowband  - new image on its way.... But I think using narrowband 'cut through' the haze.

You have definately got some really good colour in your image, and the whale has definition in its structure, agree the haze has softened things but its still a good image and as you say its a satisfying outcome from what could have been a frustrating night

Truth be known everytime you post an image from that new ASI2600MC - I get twitchy and my CC gets nervous 😁



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Thanks Bryan @Astrobdlbug I appreciate the comment. Yes i was thinking that if I'd had the L-eNhanceon i may have got something on the tadpoles - but then the colour suffers of course.


On the ASI2600mc, I'd like to do something to reduce you twitchiness - but cant do it I'm afraid🤣


Each time I manage to get out with it I am astonished by the result. The noise (or lack there-of) is something I'm still trying to get used to - on the image above, after stretching, I tried to do some further noise reduction and honestly there was so little noise there I was just making it worse again. So there is no non-linear noise reduction applied in that at all. And the sensitivity, colour and dynamic range is fantastic. Coming straight from DSLR its all a bit of a culture shock for me anyway but I am absolutely delighted with this camera.

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