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Jellyfish Nebula

Stub Mandrel

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On 3/20/2021 at 12:36 PM, Astrobdlbug said:

What an amazing object - definitely going on my list - I like your colours the purples really work - is that from Oiii channel ?

Could you post acquisition detail as it would be nice to understand how many hours this subject needs to get such a decent image 



Hi, yes it's SHO and the thin Oiii outer shell was challenging, a lot more in the data, but it gets overwhelmed.


It was about 16  Sii, 24 Ha and 14 Oiii (more Ha as I started before astro dark and dropped some early frames) 150s subs, ASI1600MM Pro and 130P-DS. So only just over 1/2 an hour for Oiii and Sii.


My first image at an urban but apparently not too badly light polluted site.

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