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Monkey Head


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The clouds took a couple hours off last night.  I really wanted to shoot the Leo Triplet, but as it wouldn't be optimal to about 10ish I fired in a 34 x 4 minute subs on the Monkey Head.  I was a bit worried by how close The Moon was.  I got some moon blotchyness in the final subs and I may have been a little heavy handed removing it.  How good was it to be out again? Bloomin' brilliant!

Monkey Head Nebula


Also when I hear Monkey Head, I can't help but think of the Chilled Monkey Brains in Temple of Doom.

Oh and the Leo Triplet... Clouds were back on duty by 10:30.  

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It's been the story of my nights since mid November. Either broken cloud or clear for a short period and then solid cover (or in a more recent twist, fog

When I was upgrading from my tired DSLR to a CMOS camera I seriously considered mono vs OSC.  I went OSC with a view to going mono in year or so. I'm kind of glad I made that decision as I would not have achieved anything in months.  As I'm only a year or so into the AP journey acquiring usuable data is my primary aim

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20 hours ago, paulgrover68 said:

As I'm only a year or so into the AP journey acquiring usuable data is my primary aim

A very nice image.

A valid point for anyone starting AP, the latest OSC cameras are a great enabler for achieving complete colour images here in the U.K. where the weather conspires to prevent a complete set of mono frames with no guarantee when the next opportunity will be available.

In the first 2 years, my setup consisted of mono CCD camera’s and 20min frames and my notable achievement was a lot of LRGB frames, mostly incomplete sets preventing the production a quality colour image.

Adding the complexity of a mono setup on start up is not necessary, and can be destabilising as frustration overturns achievement.



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It’s definitely been a winter when the overriding objective was to achieve something representing the target with  very little integration time.  So your monkey head is a great achievement in the short time you had available and it has all the salient features of that object.  ‘Going deep’ is a luxury we don’t get in this country unless you only want to create a very few images each season.  I went narrowband this season and it’s worked well for me - but going back to LRGB filters with mono camera looks a daunting task when new OSC Sony sensors deliver images with an hour or two of subs.

I would define agree and say you made the correct choice moving DLSR to OSC and this image delivers and gives you satisfaction that you’ve achieved a result in face of adversarial weather 

Keep going and see what Galaxy season offers in terms of clear dark sky and interesting targets


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