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M31 Andromeda mixed FL hybrid - It's a Top Pick !!


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bit of self promotion here - but Ive just noticed that my LRGBHa widefield image of M31 Andromeda has been given a 'Top Pick' on AstroBin

I've never had that before and for this image - totally unexpected- I put it up on AstroBin as a bit of housekeeping as it was a result of many hours processing mixed focal length integrations that I have taken of M31 over several years 2017/18/19.

The original M31 widefield was when I started using ASI1600MM and also got a Samyang 135mm, then when I started using the AT106EDT I processed a much higher resolution version, but could never get the colours I had with widefield - so I combined the FL integrations and many iterations later the image below is the result.

I had also been discussing the use of mixing different focal lengths on this forum as a legitimate processing technique.

I just went through all the data that I used and calculated the total integration time over the three years and its a massive 27.6 hours - I did not even realise I had spent that much time on Andromeda.


So here it is - not quite the same dedication of that chap from Finland that has created a Milkyway montage over the past 12 years or something - but this is my 3 year effort on M31










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50 minutes ago, Dmack1 said:

love how the Ha regions really stand out

Thank you every one for your comments - I really appreciate the feedback and the support given on this forum -


This image, as I said has evolved over 4 years and had every processing technique I have read about applied to it at some point and then another version layered up in Photoshop. But Just to talk about the Ha regions -  I discovered selective colour enhancement in PS and used that to make the Ha regions 'redder' but then blended that version over the previous version with a selective mask and adjusted the fill percentage - as selctive colour can be quite brutal...

The  HiRes Lum for the image from my At106EDT was possibly the first time I used Pixinsight Deconvolution so that also contributed to the overall detail - especially when that 1.4pix/arcsec is then re-scaled to fit the ~6 pix/arcsec widefield presentation.

I've probably used this image and my M42 widefield the most when learning about new processing techniques over the past 4 years or so. Oh, and a shout out to @peter shah for publishing his Photoshop action for star reduction - I use it all the time and its been applied to this image as well



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