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Tweaking Stellarium to find more targets.

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Turn your default Stellarium, from this:




To this, in a few mouse clicks.




Open Stellarium, click F4 to bring up the Sky and Viewing options window. Click Surveys tab, scroll down until you see two options called DSS colored, put a check in both boxes. Next click the DSO tab, check the C, SH2 and LBN options (note these are not sticky and will need selecting every time you open Stellarium). Press D to annotate the deep sky objects, Ctrl-Alt-D, turns the enhanced colours and targets on and off. Stellarium will look a little funky when this tweak is applied, but once you zoom in on a target, the screen will refresh, leaving you will nice clear targets.



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3 hours ago, TerryMcK said:

Great tip Brian. I’ll try it out.

Thanks Terry. My eyes lit up when I saw Cygnus, there is enough in that area alone to keep any astro imager busy for 12 months.


I since found out, you can save the settings in Stellarium by opening the configuration tab, and saving your current settings. So disregard the info about checking the options in the DSO tab not being sticky.



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