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Finally resolved my issue with AA 70EDT-F and its dedicated flattener


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My supplier sent a replacement for the flattener shipped with the scope - you can see the issues I had here. The replacement suffered the same issue ūü•Ķ- focusing on a daytime target I confirmed that again the x0.8 flattener was more like x1.1.


On a whim I swapped the two end caps around and tested again - x0.8 reduction! 


I ran a few start tests tonight and great image quality across the field with some  coma to the top and left which may be due to a loose end cap allowing some tilt:


This is a single 3min shot with a DSLR and M48 adapter, no spacing adjustments yet made. (The moon didn't make broadband a good choice but its only a test).


As well as decent images, the scope is now more compact as it reaches focus around the 1cm mark.


I'm pleased with the outcome, not pleased I wasted a few good nights though. 


I can't wait for a moonless clear night to really enjoy the scope.

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