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Widefield bubble and Lobster claw.


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With unending clouds its good to go back and reprocess older images. This was an image I took last September. At the time i believed the data was very poor for various technical reasons during capture. But over time I have come to wonder if that was really the case.


So i went back and started over - re-stacking in APP specifically to try to get rid of what i had come to realize was amp glow for the 700d that had not calibrated out. also a bit more time spent analysing the subs and removing poor ones.


Anyway, this is what I've got today. its still not brilliant but its a definate improvement over the earlier versions

Around 4 hours of 240s ISO800 with the 700d and the l-enhance - processed as HOO



This is a jpg of my previous best effort - the amp glow very visible at left





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