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81% Moon - 24th March 2021 (version 2 - colour)

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So my previous image (81% Moon - 24th March 2021 - Lunar & Planetary imaging - The Backyard Astronomy Space) seemed to be missing colour, and as I looked back through my prcess, it seems loading into PIPP to create a new SER file is where my colour goes missing.



Here is version 2.. same tech details but a change in the process


Altair Astro 72EDF

Altair Lightwave 1.0x flattener (left in situ)

No filter

Altair Astro 183C Pro-Tec @ -10

DSD AF3 ascom focuser

iOptron CEM25P mount

Altair Astro MG32 guide package (not used)

captured in SharpCap - 15ms exposures in 5 min SER file


pre-processed, aligned and stacked in AS3! (SKIPPED PIPP!)

post-processed in PS

approx. best 200 frames


Shot from my back garden, Ramsey St Marys, Cambs. Bortle4



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On 3/31/2021 at 9:14 PM, Astroarg said:

I need to work out how to calm down that bright spot on the right...

That's a nice image! In AltairCapture 8Bit mode, I found it helps to run the camera with gain or exposure set, such that the histogram meets the line at less than 100 levels. I often aim for about 60-80 which is pretty low - but that means I can stretch without blowing out crater walls and other bright features. The resulting .SER video looks quite dark in Autostakkert but to see what you're doing, you can increase the brightness when stacking without affecting the image data. It's that small +/- button thingy, top rightish menu. Hope that helps a bit. Here's a screengrab showing my histogram:



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Hi Nick

Great, thanks for the reply.. I shot in 12bit, don't think I needed to.. I thought it was 8bit losing the colour but turned out it was PIPP..

Next time I get a chance with moon shots I'll give this a go 🙂

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