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April 2021 - Anybody playing today?

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Evening all, back on M51, aiming for 8 to 10 hours of subs in total LRGB.

Well, against my better judgement I'm taking a punt on 6 hours Luminance on M106 with the ODK12 in 10 min subs. With the Cloudwatcher monitoring the weather, and an automated roof, I should be safe fr

Well I have given in and I am imaging the Jellyfish, not my most favourite target but it's all that is left that is suitable for my set up and skies.    I intend to do a Mosaic as I want to

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On 4/2/2021 at 1:48 PM, Carastro said:

Hi Ron, Just out of interest what weather site do you use because it seldom seems to be right.  I tend to use several and if more than 1 is saying the same thing then I am more inclined to believe it.



I use several - Clear Outside, which does not seem to be very accurate, the Met Office, BBC Weather, Scope Nights which might not be working properly. I also stick my head out of the door... 

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Thinking about my issues with Ekos, it might be the way I set up the filter schedule. I may have "programmed in" the camera temp and when it changes filter it stalls. It could also be why runs get aborted as the temp exceeds the limit by getting too cold. 

I think if I leave the temp as is when I set the sequence and only cool the camera when I'm about to start it might straighten things out. 

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52 minutes ago, MarkAR said:

. I may have "programmed in" the camera temp and when it changes filter it stalls

That makes sense Mark. Turn on verbose logging to file for the next run with whichever module, probably the camera one, along with ekos logging just in case it happens again. At least you will have an idea of where the problem lies. I found having EKOS and mount logging active for a night produced a file of just over 100MB but that includes every command the mount is instructed to do. It’ll probably be much less for just the camera. However the 100MB file zipped up to about 6MB.

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