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M51 Whirlpool


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Hi everyone, this is my latest go at the whirlpool. I must say i have had this all colors whilst doing the processing, don't know what's right and wrong but settled on this for now. I have lost some of the finer wisp while bringing out other detail but this is the best i could make it with my limited processing skills. Imaged on Fri 2nd and Sat 3rd ,just over 9 hours integration @300s subs.


A A  ProTec 294C..Baader Moon&Skyglow Filter.

IOPTRON Cem 120ec




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15 hours ago, MarkAR said:

That's rather nice Bob. I'm gathering data on it right now.

Thank you Mark,

Yes, i have acquired some more data on M51 this last night using my L-eXtreem filter this time. I am going to add it to my others and see if it improves anything.



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