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Meridian Flip suddenly stopped working


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i’m having a problem with meridian flip with Ekos. I’ve raised an issue on the INDI forum https://indilib.org/forum/ekos/9344-meridian-flip-not-working-consistently.html#69711

 It may be an issue with double summer time as configured with the latest version of Kstars. Essentially the symptoms are it hits the meridian and says “waiting for flip”. Nothings happens no matter how long you wait. The image capture is suspended at this point but the mount carries on without guiding.



The first time I noticed it was 29/03/2021 just after BST had happened. I was imaging the sun and it hit the meridian but didn’t flip. I forced it and it carried on. The following night I was doing a mozaic in Cepheus and again when it hit the flip point it decided to wait and wait.


Has anybody else noticed an issue.


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I found the handset for the mount and had a look through the settings to see if anything obvious had been overwritten. I couldn't see anything like limits that had been set and autoflipping was still enabled. That said I have just reset it to factory defaults.

It looks like Friday may be ok here to try it out again. I have some more SII on my mosaic target to do so will have a bash at that. The meridian is due on my target at around midnight so if I'm still awake I'll monitor it.


It's very irritating that something that has worked flawlessly for ages all of a sudden just stops.

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