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Taking a punt

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Continuing with the M106 project. So far I have 3 1/2 hours each Red and Green, plus 7 hours Blue. There's also 7 hours H-alpha but not sure how much it's bringing to the image.

Currently trying for 6 hours Luminance to knock the noise levels down.

Not enough to post yet, and I'm still trying to kill some annoying hot pixels that AstroArt just can't seem to kill. Will be giving the cheap 'n' cheerful DSS a go at stacking as I remember it having quite good sigma-kappa rejection.

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I have had better results with DSS, but my Lum subs are a bit of a disaster, with a huge light streak in one edge.


Don't have Pi, and have no intention of getting it. Tried the trial version, nearly did my head in. May be OK for computer / maths geeks, but not for me, sorry.

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