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The boys :p

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Hi all,

Just sharing my rig with you all, originally i had the 10"SCT (now benched) and ZS61 just about maxing out my CEM60 at 54lbs but recently decided

to get another frac, the ZS81 now sits alongside his smaller brother. The ZS61 now has pride of place the 2600MC-Pro for wide field work

and the ZS81 had my older 294MC-Pro for closer views, im using this for galaxy season coupled to my ES 2xFocal extender to which ive had

a great first test shot with, ill post in images section. I will also be using my 385MC with the ZS81 for lunar and possibly planetary capture.

Thanks for looking in.



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On 4/8/2021 at 6:53 AM, TerryMcK said:

Any issues at all with the 60?


Terry, after a nightmare trying to get the LX90 to get any long exposure AP done i bit the bullet and got the CEM60, this mount is just simply incredible... i am totally amazed by it, i have been running a dual rig weighing in at 54lbs for long enough and it tracks at around 0.60 tot error ALL the time 😮  love this mount, best upgrade i did.

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