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2x Focal extender testing (shock horror)


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Hi all, first image post so be kind 😉 i recently got myself a new ZS81 mainly for solar imaging with my Quark that i havent used yet !!

But as i had a 2" 2x ES focal extender i asked over on the WO group if anyone had had any success using a 2x in the optical

train for DS work..... to say it got poo pooed was an understatement lol to be fair i think a lot of answers were based on people not actually trying it but

rather explaining why it was a tad faux pas shall be way, until a guy called Dann Parks showed us his captures, i was sold lol so here is my

first and only test to date as weather and back issues have stopped play for me for a while, i captured M51 with the ZS81, 2x ES focal extender

and 294MC-Pro, no filters, no flattener. The seeing was horrendous that night as guiding was the worst id had in a long time but that said i

still got what i think is a pretty good test image, certainly one to work on and perfect. Plate solving worked perfect at f14 also so i am well happy.

This image is only 2.5hrs of 180sec subs, and yer there is a lot wrong with it but considering its at f14 theres a lot to be encouraged by to 🙂


M51 ps tickle.png

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Definitely worth it - be interested to see what the power mate does.

Took this (While talking to Lee) with a 860mm FL / 130mm Carbon fibre "SET Optics scope, 2 x Altair Tele Extender and QSI6909i

Happy with the result BUT it has shown me that my refractor is quite a bit out of collimation!!!! Just bought the scope on a whim from a local guy.

This has been stripped down and taken to a fantastic guy in worcestershire - Chris Livingstone telescopes - and will be back with me on Friday - hopefully collimated and providing sharper images again.



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