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Have a cigar - which one is Pink?


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Here is the work in progress on M81 and M82. Essentially I did SHO on the M81 the other night as I still had the mono camera on and just set it off to see what sort of Ha is in Bode's

I processed it an found some outlying regions which are probably hives of activity.

Then I replaced the camera with the OSC colour camera, same scale and pixel size, to add some RGB. Then I noticed the camera was rotated from the original image and also picked up M82 The Cigar but was too far over in the left hand side of the frame for my liking.

So last night I added M82 to the mosaic.


Next I did some processing on the whole lot in PixInsight using some mosaic techniques I picked up from a course with Warren Keller and ROn Brecher which I attended in a virtual session the other day.

This is a snapshot of my PI workspace. Mosaic processing is quite easy once you get your head around it.



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Thanks everybody. I am adding some more to both galaxies. Last night I did another few hours on M81 and tonight I will do more on M82. I want to get more detail in M81 as I know there is some faintness I have not yet brought out. I removed the gradient by removing the stars then selective masking of each galaxy and darkening the background.

I've updated the image in the earlier post.

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