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My afternoon of cable management - 2 x rigs (almost)

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Here's my scopes under a clear sky... during the day, 'cos overnight it's clouds wall to wall.

I spent Thursday running cabes and working out what goes where.  This is about 1/2 way through. I fired up the power to do some rotation tests, then had to re-route some stuff.  Ignore the cable drum - I have  sealed power box I normally use, that's just giving me some temporary juice (it looks scruffy!)

The 130 is on the new AZ-EQ6.  It's fitted with 60mm Guide Scope and ASI120MC-S.  The camera is as an ASI294MC-PRO with an Altair Filter drawer and 1x flattener. There's an ASIAir Pro on the finder shoe.  The iPolar is now fitted to the EQ6 - as ths doubles up as a visual mount.

The EQ has the 72EDF mounted. It too has an ASIAir Pro, a 50mm Guidescope and the ASi120MM guidecam.  Normally it's fitted with a .8 reduce, but here it's just got the visual back a the desicant cap.  I have a t-ring on order and will be using a DSLR until I get another cooled cam.  The pegasus power box is also fitted here.

EQ6 has been used with my 120 Achromat for doing some visual while I image... Well I say that, there have been no clear skies recently.

I have to say it's only setting up during the day that's keeping me motivated - no clear skies for many weeks.



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Those are two nice looking bits of kit. The big one is a substantially sized refractor. It’s a good shot of the two together as it makes you realise how much the physical size increases with aperture.

I know what you mean about keeping motivated during the poor skies we have had. Like you I have taken the opportunity to use daylight hours for a bit of cleaning and setting up trying different eyepieces combos out on daytime targets etc.

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On 5/31/2021 at 11:02 AM, Padraic M said:

Very impressive! Would be interested in some close-ups of your cable management when you're finished. Also how do you mount the power box?

Will do - although cable management for me more of process than fixed thing.  It's like the rainforests, get one bit wrong and it all dies...

Next time I set up I'll snap some pics. Currently I have two wires that are causing me grief. The orange Lynx Astro power lead and the Pegasus EDQIR stick/cable. The later can't plug directly into the Air as it's too fat and fouls other USBs. It current sits in a hub atop my guide scope, but I have some ides on how to fix it. The Power cable is a snag monster. It needs slack to allow for dec rotation, but that same slack creates snag woes.  I have some ideas to try.

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