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NGC 6633 open cluster 6.15.21


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Took out my 80mm grab-n-go refractor for a quick look last night - had to be quick because twilight doesn't end until 2230 here now and I'm an early riser by nature.


After observing some clusters in Cyg and Lyr, I slewed over to Serpens to have a look at open cluster IC4756 and fortuitously stumbled upon NGC6633.  I had either misread my Wixey or the coords on SkySafari.  Anyway, it's a very pretty object - one bright star "below" the cluster with a Cassiopeia-like impression to it until you start to perceive the fainter stars. 


If you're an OC fan, I suggest having a look at 6633 - it's well worth it IMO.


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That’s a good tip, thanks.

Observers seem to me the minority compared to the folks into AP, so it’s always good to hear an observing recommendation.

Its extra informative that you mention the scope you were using, but I would also be interested as to the EP and/or magnification you were using as well?

Apologies for the questions, but being relatively new to all this, it always interests me as to what kit others are using🙂

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Of course - 80/400 Meade achromatic refractor upgraded with a Lunt Crayford focuser. 


I started with an Astro-Tech 15mm Paradigm EP (same as a BST or Agena) for 27X (that's my usual "cruising about" EP) and then changed to a 10mm Vixen SLV for 40X.


I'm in a Bortle 7, close to 8, light pollution zone, so open clusters are good targets here.

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