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New Rig


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So having sold my C8 I've put together a wider field rig, this be it.


Altair Wave 80mm

Altair 60mm guide scope

Pegasus focus cube

AA 269c OSC

All sat on one losmandy par.


Connected this to 2 x clamps which are fitted to the piers, can interchange scopes with ease then and just minimal rewiring if I do so.

Sat under is a mini pc and a power box.


Can now set up, remote into this from laptop and once polar aligned I can then run everything from wherever, indoors or out via WiFi network. 


Going to move from APT to NINA I think later this year and see how that shapes up.




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very nice indeed , i have a smaller 72 EDF with same 269c camera, a Pegasus focus cube (simpler version using the controller from the powerbox) and same guide scope. Pegasus PowerBox. I also use, and can highly recommend NINA for when you take that leap, NINA has kept me going for 6 months or more.

Good Luck with the new Rig

PS: not sure it will make any difference but i stuck my dot finder scope on the opposite side to the focus cube, it helped my balance a little .  nice to see the polemaster (they're great).



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7 hours ago, MarkAR said:

Nice to see the Altair brand so prominent. Couple of nice set ups there.

I have also noticed that the Altair brand makes regular appearances on this forum. It seems to be very well thought of!

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I've got two altair scopes. 80mm and 115mm Wave. Well impressed with the 115 hence the 80 purchase. Not used it yet though roll on some dark clear nights. 

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i think virtually every piece of Astro Hardware I own has come from Altair, they have always gone out of their way to help and support me ( 1 yr into the hobby ). and yep, i also love the 115 along side my 72,  we seem to have pretty well the same bag of tricks .

great minds etc ... 


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My Wave 115 has been superb with the .79X Planostar, it's a great size for many DSO's but recently I thought lets have a go at so and so but balked as it would have been a 12 pane mosaic. Waiting to get a 1.0X FF to use on slightly smaller targets then will probably get a smaller scope for Widefield.

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