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Implementing ASCOM Alpaca on Mac OS


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Does anyone have an example of how they used Alpaca on Mac or Linux? What imaging software are you using? 

I am looking for free imaging software to connect an 'old' CCD camera with Mac OS. Overview of what I tried so far:


- I installed ASCOM platform v6.5 and ASCOM Remote v1.5.7500 on my MacBook. Both are located in my Downloads.


- I also installed imaging software, CCDciel from source forge. I am familiar with this software, so I thought it was a good place to begin. When setting up the "interface", Alpaca says "no server found". Am I entering the wrong Server information, and how do I find this?


- link to documentation on CCDciel. Under ASCOM Alpaca, the "discover" button returns nothing




Any suggestions on how you used Alpaca? 


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