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Svbony Hardware


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I recently had a need to find some mini-Vixen guide scope dovetails for one of my scopes as I couldn't get the William Optics version quickly.

I noticed the Svbony store on Amazon and decided to give them a try. They have been making inroads into the astronomy community over the last few years and for a few quid I bought these items:



I bought 2 of these Svbony Fully Metal Dovetail Base and Mounting Plate Set for Finderscopes




SV116 Guider Scope Ring Kit for SV106 Finder


As it happens I didn't need the scope rings nor the mini dovetails so they are now in the spares box along with the M5 screws which are tipped with non-mar nylon. Unfortunately the items could not be bought separately but were cheap enough anyway.


I had to open up the holes in the dovetail shoes to 6mm diameter and tap out the holes in the bigger dovetail slide to M6x1.0 to suit the fastening screws. 

Initial indications show that these items are well made and have decent anodising to the aluminium so will last for years.

The large dovetail also has two M8 tapped holes and a central 1/4" tripod tapped hole too.


Amazon of course had a quick turnaround from ordering to delivery due to me being in Prime and Svbony items were also under Prime so I was able to be operational quickly.


Some time ago I also bought another Svbony item for my Dob to help aligning on targets. This is the 12.5mm 1.25" Illuminated Reticle Plossl Telescope Eyepiece



 This also works as it says on the tin and I have no complaints about that item.

So it looks like Hong Kong based Svbony look like a reasonable supplier of gear. 

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