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Hi from the Netherlands

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I just discovered this (new?) astronomy forum. I was quite active in astrophotography in recent years, but in last 2 years I didn't make too much new images, but I'm planning to pick that up soon again 🙂


I photograph a lot using my TMB92ss and Spacecat 51. Besides that I also have a C11 and a Lunt 60 at my disposal. I work with ccd (QSI583) and DSLR (Nikon D810a). For some more of my imagery you can look in flickr or at my home-page. In 2016 I wrote a book showing my images and it was sold all over the world which I'm still quite happy with. I hope to share some of my images here every now and then and people are always welcome to ask questions!


Hope to see you soon...

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Welcome AvdH, How wonderful to publish your images and have them seen all over the world.  I had a book printed of mine 2 years ago, but decided being a complete unknown that why should any-one want to buy it, so I just printed it for friends and family as a way of preserving them.  



I just discovered this (new?) astronomy forum

This forum will be a year old on 27th September.  




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