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Altair Solar Contrast Booster filter - for fine detail in the solar continuum


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Altair Solar Contrast Booster filter is in stock and shipping now.


Improves contrast and visibility of fine structures such as sunspots and granulation (convection cells) in the solar continuum / photosphere.


Works with any telescope, mono or colour CMOS camera, or naked eye.


Gives a particularly good improvement with Achromatic refractors.


Please note: Only for use with a Herschel Wedge, solar filter, or Baader solarfilm!



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Quick image taken at lunch today between clouds with 


new Altair 540nm Solar Contrast Booster filter
Altair Hypercam 26M Camera
Altair #150EDF Refractor
Altair 3x Flat Field APO Barlow




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