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Hello From Pittsburgh PA

Greg Yancey

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Hi There! Just wanted to say Hello to everyone....I am over near Pittsburgh, I have been into Astronomy since 2001 when I was stationed over in Turkey and bought my first telescope, and due to moving around a-lot, I really didn't get into AP or astronomy to much as I never really was able to set up, I just collected and collected more gear till I retired from the Air Force and eventually moved near Pittsburgh.  I finally set up my telescope, I use a Celestron CGE1100 with a Televue TV85 piggybacked on that, mounted on a iOptron CEM70 in a Skyshed POD. I have really gotten into AP over the last year and I go out and open up the POD when I can and take pictures of the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, currently and looking to dabble in DSO.  attached to the Televue is a ASi178MM with 5-filter EFW, and attached to the CGE1100 is a ASi1600MM Pro with 8-Filter EFW.   anyway excited to be here and part of this group!  Thanks

Greg's Observatory.jpeg



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