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Siliconing 130pds mirror to its cell?

Craig a

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I’m thinking of doing this to my mirror on the 130pds and do away with the mirror clips that give the horrid dark spots on brighter stars, I don’t want to use a mask to surround the whole mirror making it slightly smaller in diameter, has anybody siliconed their primary to its cell before? And does it affect the mirror in any way? 
silicone is  pretty strong once cured, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t do this on my big 10 inch mirror but the 130s mirror is only small and light 

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i have no experience of doing the job you mention, but if you are concerned that standard silicon (the normal bathroom sealant type) won’t be up to the job, then get one of the types specifically designed to bond. Eg Sikaflex or similar. They vary in the strength of bond they give. (The strongest Sikaflex is used to fix Solar panels to campervan roofs and is rated to keep them in place at 70mph plus!)


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