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what would you purchase next? lens vs filter vs other


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Dear forum readers

I'm just starting out, and I currently have an unmodified canon 6Ti, a canon EF28-135 mm F3.5-5.6 lens, a wired remote intervalometer, and a very cheap lightweight tripod. Skies here are around 6, but it's not a far drive to get to around 4 or so light pollution. I would like to try imaging some stars and the Milky Way. 

would you think a reasonable next purchase would be a clip-in light pollution filter? I was looking at the astronomik CLS.

or consider a better tripod with a motorized mount?


maybe this is a silly question. I'm trying to slide into astrophotography slowly to see how it fits with my leisure time - and trying not to spend too much until I see how bad the future satellites will ruin the skies for the amateurs. Probably impossible to know, I guess...


thanks for your thoughts!!!!



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Hi and welcome to the forum. 

You would be better with a motorised mount, something like a Skywatcher Star Adventurer, which will enable long exposures without star trailing AND a city light filter. Don’t worry about satellite trails as they can be removed by software calibration/integration despite how many Mr Musk et al launch.


Also note that clip in filters cannot be used with EFS lenses as the back of the lens will foul the filter. EF lenses as you have are ok. Much better to get a non zoom lens though as the extra elements in a zoom lens will produce odd star shapes.

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