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ZWO ASI294MC Camera

Derek Baxter

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Hi All

Since upgrading from the 183MC to the 294MC (not enough time for mono imaging and processing etc.) I've been very pleased with the results, although I thought the 183MC was really good as well!

My question is:

Do you good folk out there with this camera use bias frames? I've heard that this camera doesn't need them, but then I've seen good images on the web with this camera that in the description includes bias frames?

Personally out of habit I include them, and I've tried processing an image in APP with bias and without, and the ones with bias seem to be better.

Can anyone explain why this camera would not need bias frames when nearly all others do?

It's not the most important dilemma in my life, but I'd like a definitive answer if possible 🤫



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Hi Derek and welcome to the forum. I use 183MC and MM cameras and don't use bias frames as the bias is in the darks when I use PixInsight (my preferred software). Sometimes I use APP at which point I do find I need to use bias. It must be that each application uses very different algorithms .

 Not sure about the 294mc as I don't have one.

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20 hours ago, Derek Baxter said:

HI Terry

Thanks for the reply

I use APP and it moans and groans if I don't add bias frames in when creating master darks etc.

It doesn't appear to be harming my images, so I'll probably just carry on taking them as they are quick to do 



a lot of newer CMOS cameras would show issues with BIAS frames, that then passed to whatever they were integrating to.. the recommendation was to do Dark Flats instead (so when you do your flats, you leave the settings and just cover the scope and take 20-30 images and these are your DF.

Some of the newer-newer CMOS cameras are OK with BIAS, rather than needing to do DF on every session.


I always did DF with my 183c, I've been doing it with my 26c but will soon test BIAS, as have done a bunch of them since the weather has been so poor!


PS, APP and PixInsight will "recommend" that BIAS are added because they are missing from the integration panels, it's just a warning.

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Yes, it all seems to be a bit of a conundrum.

I to have re-done all my all my dark and bias calibration frames whilst the weather has been a white duvet. I'm quite pleased with them as I processed a couple of older images again with them and they came out better? Maybe I'm better 🤔😉

Anyway, upwards and onwards with or without biased frames

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