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Greetings from San Diego


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A big thank you to AstroStace for letting people know of this forum.  I hail from the coastal region of San Diego, complete with Bortle 8 skies, its high humidity (additional fine water droplets to scatter light), and a frequent and deep evening marine layer. All this makes astrophotography a real challenge!  Fitting neatly into the “budget astrophotography” niche, I troll the night sky for photons with my stock Canon T4i, a modest selection of budget and vintage lenses, a Star Adventurer tracker, guide scope and camera, tripod, and a few filters to try and beat back the light pollution. For stacking and post-processing, I have settled on Astro Pixel Processor, Photoshop, LightRoom and Topaz Labs DeNoiseAI as my core tools.  I am here to learn and share with others to collectively advance the craft and have fun.


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