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Texas s-w sky 11/21/21 at dusk


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Was traveling west in NE Texas a little before 6 pm and saw a larger than usual "star" in the sky. I use quotation marks because it was oddly shaped and very bright. By the time I got my son to snap a cell phone picture and looked for a place to pull over, I looked up and it was gone! I'm talking in a span of maybe a minute. I looked around in case I'd lost my mind and in the south sky saw TWO lights shaped exactly like the one that had vanished. Son thinks they're UFOs. I haven't the first clue. Can anyone tell me if there were orbiting satellites on this date?

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Venus is very bright and setting in the evening sky at the moment. It is very bright (magnitude -4.6) and phased (36.5%) which may give it an unusual shape to the naked eye. It is nearly 33 arc seconds in size.




I saw it at 15:00 (GMT) yesterday with a small telescope, although it wasn't visible to the naked eye until about 16:30. This site is UK based and Britain is much further north than Texas, so you may well have seen a setting Venus at around 18:00 local Texas time.  




In the picture above you can see the positions of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter at 15:00 GMT. Saturn and Jupiter will be setting in the south west around 18:45 GMT as seen  from the UK. They should both be visible to the naked eye.

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