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Hi Folks

I am new to astronomy with basic knowledge- I only know the names of our main planets.

However, I want to learn a lot more.  Can someone kindly let me know where to begin?

Are there any online discussions/magazines/clubs & societies that I could join in order to increase my knowledge?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome to The Yard.


You have made a good start in increasing your knowledge just by joining this forum.

Is your interest in viewing the sky with your naked eye or will you consider obtaining a telescope? A lot is visible with the naked eye but obviously a telescope shows more. Even a pair of binoculars will show a lot more than the unaided eye.


there is an online site called “Stellarium”. This shows you what is visible in the sky from any given location. It’s a useful way of learning to recognise just where stuff is in the sky.

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