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New setup ready to go!


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Or at least ready to TRY to go (best laid plans and all that...)


Have pared the rig down to the good old 80ED and the WO Redcat 51 in dual roles, either being useable as Guide or Imaging role. Both using same 55mm back-focus so no need to do anything other than swap the camera image train on each.


Still have to work out the logistics of configuring both on ASIair yet but hopefully that will happen tonight. Rig is now on EQ6-R Pro, balanced and for the most part, wired up.


Fingers crossed for what is supposed to be a clear night...




IMG_1800 2021-12-10 09_59_35.jpg

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A good solution Tony. Hopefully the weather will improve in a bit. Scope Nights shows up poor for me until at least next Tuesday.

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