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Well, this is MK2 version of my previous astrophotography attempts.


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Below is my current set up and prior to this I was using a EOS 60Da and a Skywatcher autoguider which of course I sold as well as many good eyepieces as I was laid up with a long term back issue which meant I could not move the mount, OTA and counterweights back and forth all that easily as well as contort my body to allow polar aligning and such tasks, so before I started I had to throw the towel in. Needless to say this is quite a few years ago and now although not perfect I can at least set the telescope up as I have done a couple of times now.


Anyway, enough about my ailments and back to the task in hand. This is round two of me really giving astrophotography a good go, I have currently just bought a SVBONY 305 PRO as a dual use starter camera. First time around for the SVBONY will be mostly as a guiding camera, and then I may try a little planetary and bright deep sky imaging in order to do a side by side comparison of the EOS 7D and see if I wish to upgrade once I get my head around it, I will look at a ZWO mini for guiding and using the 305 for some planetary and bright deep sky imaging.  


The guide scope may seem over large for what I need, but this was the recommended size to suit the Skywatcher autoguider and since I have it on hand it will get used and no doubt it will prove rather good with such an aperture, albeit at the expense of the weight of it! Software of choice is N.I.N.A, PHD2 and ASTAP as they all work in conjunction with the main suite, or at least I hope they do. A lot of YouTube and online guides are being digested by myself to get me up to speed on what I need to do, as this weekend and next week looks to be a fine chance to start back at it as high pressure dominates. Any questions or suggestions are welcome, and clear skies.


TS GSO 10" 254 mm f/4 1016 mm Newtonian
TS 2" Monorail focuser
Skywatcher NEQ6 SkyScan Pro
TS Optics 2" Newtonian Telescope Coma Corrector from f/4
TS Optics 80 mm Guide Scope
SVBONY 305 PRO camera
Canon EOS 7D Camera
Sky-Watcher 22Ah Power Tank (Yuasa battery upgrade)


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