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hello everyone from Switzerland

Bruno S

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Hi Everyone,


My name is Bruno and live in Switzerland.

I only recently discovered my interest and Astrophotography and now I'm thrilled about making some amazing pics.

As I'm a newby in this topic and photography in general i hope to find here some usuful advice and friendly exchages.

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Welcome to the Yard Bruno. I know nothing about AP but I do know a little bit about telescopes and the night sky. I recommend these astronomy freeware apps:





(shown on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)


Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. There is also a Chrome/Android version, although it's a fork. For Windows there is an installation wizard, Linux has various packages (Snap & PPA Ubuntu/Debian). On Mac you have to run it from a directory not unlike a portable thumb drive app.





(shown on Chrome OS)


Runs on iOS, Chrome OS and Android.



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