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First go with Pixinsight…


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Took me a few hours off pre and post processing but quite pleased.

 Think maybe a bit over exposed but getting there…

Room for improvement….

EdgeHD 8


ASI183MC Pro


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Pretty good  first go 🙂. You got a lot of things right  plenty of round faint stars. Check your individual subs and make sure the brightest stars are not clipped. If that is the case then the final look of the stars is all down to how you process the image. Its a truism that the more subs you capture the better the signal to noise will be and more details will emerge. I think you should try to get 2hrs of data or more if you can.


I don't know what your initial image looks like but perhaps using more histogram stretch to bring out the fainter nebulosity and being carful not to set the black point too high in the early stages might get you some more detail.


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