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DSLR camera


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Hi all just getting into astronomy would love to start taking some photos any advice on what beginners camera and lens  I should be looking at only  got 200 pound at the moment  , I know it will be a old model but it’s a start thanks all

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First tip; don't call it astrology😉. Have a look at second hand entry level Canon DSLRs, something like a Canon 500d  or newer should be good with the stock 18-55mm lens as a good starting place. You can use older cameras (like the 350d) for manual shooting with an intervalometer but if you take to the hobby you will probably want to connect a laptop to it and make use of the live view mode.


I use a 550d and its fine. Newer cameras haven't' really improved that much in performance - in the areas important to astrophotography.

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I'm strictly visual (probably an Aquarius thing lol) but you'll need a fast scope for most AP I believe. Unless you're photographing the Moon or planets. The only cameras I have are on my phone and tablets. 

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If you are interested in astrophoto, you should pay attention to the presence of a crop video mode for planetary photography.
For deep - the ability to control the camera from a computer (including setting shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds). Canon, in principle, is the most preferable. More control software, third-party firmware like ML, more omnivorous in terms of lenses.
Even before my passion for LAstronomy, I bought Nikon, bought some lenses, and changing the system is no longer easy.
Well, given that a lot of specialized cameras are available for astrophotography, Nikon is more than enough for me.
Pay attention to Canon EOS 550d

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5 minutes ago, Cumbrianwolf said:

The author has not seemingly been back to comment, maybe they have left the group?

If that was my gentle ribbing I apologise @Ant69.

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