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Starting Position


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As I’m pretty much starting again from scratch with imaging (but utilising my existing gear, see sig) I thought I ought to start asking questions and clearing up some possible misconceptions I have.

The first question is about where the scope should be pointing at the start of the session, or whether it even matters.

At the end of a session I use a Custom Park Position (pier mounted NEQ6) which I initially established by moving the scope to the Home position and then rotated it 65 degrees in Dec (I think those are the correct terms). I do this because it is then aligned so that my sliding roof clears the scope and finder/guider assembly. Then next session I Start from Parked Position and get going.

I’m getting myself set up to use APT/EQASCOM/PHD2/Stellarium, and currently watching many videos about plate solving and target finding/framing while I wait for some clear skies to try it out.

Some of these tutorials suggest that the scope should be oriented to the Home position before connecting all these pieces of software, whereas others don’t.

So the question is, is it necessary to always start from Home (and why) or can I just start from the Custom position.

Images of the parked scope in case I’ve described it wrongly.





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I understood the traditional Home position was either a position to conduct PA or a consequence of sensors in the mount i.e my old Paramount. If you are intending to use platesolve it is just a matter of slewing to an area of clear skies and initiating a platesolve which synchronises the camera/mounts position. On completion of the nights imaging the mount is either parked or homed prior to power off. Providing the mount position has not been altered during power down then on power-up and unpark the mount should know where it is in space and be ready for operation.


My park position was set so that the mount is in the correct position to shut the roof without damage to the equipment.

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23 minutes ago, MartinS said:

My park position was set so that the mount is in the correct position to shut the roof without damage to the equipment.

Thanks very much Martin, that was what I was hoping.

And that’s exactly the reason I use the park position I described.

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