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I’ve never been on here before and am an extremely amateur star gazer, so please forgive any mistakes I may make. 

Just a moment ago, this evening, Saturday 26thMarch 8:15pm I was watching and saw something I’ve never seen before.


I am used to spotting satellites so it definitely was not that, but saw similar paced movement out of the corner of my eye in the Taurus constellation, so went to follow it but it disappeared, only to return again from the same spot it had begun previously, about 1.5-2secs later. 
this happened over and over again for a good 10-15mins but could see it essentially ‘moving’ to the right as the Earth rotates. 

I googled it and have seen on an Australian forum that people have seen something similar and have said it may be a geosynchronous satellite that failed to enter its originally intended orbit! 

just wondered if anyone else has seen this before? 



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Welcome to the forum 🙂.

This is just a wild guess, assuming it wasn't a terrestrial helicopter or a drone circling with lights on one side then it might have been a Starlink multiple satellite "train" and you were lucky to spot it as they caught the light one by one?



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Can't say I have seen anything like this, normally satelittes continue to move in the same direction.  Satelittes can disappear and re-appear at they move out of the Sun's light from behind the Earth, but again this doesn;t sound like that either.  


Yes I think it could be what Paul has suggested, a train of Starlink satelittes which passed out of the Sun's light and the next one following it appeared in the same place until it moved out of the Sun's light and so on.



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