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SVBONY Have now released a cooled camera.


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SVBONY Have now released their first cooled camera. "The sv405cc camera is SVBONY's first deep-sky camera, equipped with 4/3'' SONY IMX294 sensor, with very sensitive light capture ability, and the TEC cooling system (fan-assisted), which really helps in long exposure photography." Interesting to see how it will perform, and the price is around £650 which is not bad. What do you think? I may be tempted in the future when enough tests and reports come in.

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I would wait for unbiased reviews and lots of testing. The sensor itself is a proven workhorse but the whole package needs to be taken into consideration.

My experiences of Svbony non electrical/ non optic hardware is good though.

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1 minute ago, GazAstro said:

Wasn't the 294 chip the one that zwo and qhy had trouble cooling evenly ? I'd wait to see a dark frame that's been stretched but it does look interesting.

I am not au fait with the chipsets, but I will wait for a little while before committing my cash towards it. Pricing seems good but will it back up the investment or is it wiser to save a little longer for another brand that has some long term R&D experience behind them.

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