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Newbie! Advice please

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Hello there! 😀


I've very recently ordered myself some kit to hopefully get started in this wonderful world of astrophotography. I've long been fascinated by documentaries and images of the cosmos. I've binged 100s of YouTube documentaries on the subject. After watching a good few videos on what it takes to get into astrophotography I've purchased some basic essential kit, I believe. What I have coming is as follows:-


Sky Watcher Star Adventurer 2i wifi pro pack

Sky watcher tripod for Star Adventurer

Canon 2000d DSLR

18-55mm kit lens

Canon remote

Other bits and bobs also come with the camera such as strap, spare battery etc etc. 


My question is, is this enough to get me started, or would I need to invest in a telescope and/or a better lens for the camera? 


I've seen some people get very nice images with a similar set up. Any advice would be massively appreciated! 


Many thanks for reading, 








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HI Andy welcome to the forum.

All that kit sounds a good start to me. You might also need a decent app for your phone/tablet to enable you to pick out objects in the night sky. The Star Adventurer will not find objects for you so you will have to point the camera in the correct direction.

Although the kit lens and camera are ok the camera could really do with having its IR Cut filter removed as a lot of objects emit light in the red spectrum which the camera in native form is insensitive to. There are a few services available on line that will do this for you for a modest fee.

The kit lens is not the best and a lot of people use lenses like the Samyang 135 F2 (not cheap). Have a look at this article for Trevor Jones's advice. https://astrobackyard.com/budget-astrophotography-lens/


Not sure about light pollution where you are but a lot of people use city light filters. On the Canon crop sensor cameras like yours are there are clip in filters that go inside the camera. The only issue with them is EFS lenses will not them attach at all. They are intended for use with the EF mount which doesn't protrude as far within the body. The nifty fifty lens mentioned by Trevor will fit as that is an EF lens. As will the Rokinon/Samyang 135 F2 as that can be specced with an EF mount. 



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