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Here's my DIY camera cooler...

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Zwo Asi178MM, peltier tec1 12705, lightweight heatsink off old computer, thermal pads, 80mm fan and temp controller with 0.5deg prt. Just need to insulate camera and a beefier 12v Psu to power it now.

Ps possibly a bit overkill but I had most of the bits and heatsink is crazy light weight. 




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Cheers gentlemen,

Definitely a sledge hammer to crack a nut but weighed and powered it up yesterday😀...

It comes in at 650g which for a quick knock together is pretty good even if I do say myself.

Heavier than similar spec zwos but lighter than some higher spec.

Most importantly my rig can easily take it and it powered up and controlled to zero from 18 deg very quickly and kept it there beautifully.

Well chuffed.

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