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Solar observations with an Etalon

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My Solar Scout from Daystar is primarily intended for imaging as is the Altair Astro Herschel wedge which I have setup on one of my other scopes. However in a brief interlude between clouds I had a look with one of my eyepieces and was able to see a few sunspots through the white light wedge. This is actually seen as green as I have a solar continuum filter after the wedge.


A glance through the etalon using a diagonal was not quite as productive as the sun shows as a red colour that isn't really that bright but you could see some faint detail. Probably I need to cover the scope with a black sheet so my eyes adapt. It looks as though for now I will stick to imaging through the Ha scope as the camera, an ASI 174MM, is really sensitive. But white light observations for outreach or to show solar to the kids while we have this high period of solar activity is probably more on the cards.

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I can't comment directly on either of your solar setups as they differ from mine. However, usually an 'imaging' setup is brighter than a 'visual' setup. This allows very short camera exposures to combat turbulence.


My white setup is a Lacerta Brewster angle wedge, which is a bit bright for visual without a separate polarising or solar continuum filter. Behaving exactly as the manufacturer says. This is currently on a 102mm refractor with a solar continuum filter. Giving very pleasant brightness for visual and it shows good resolution. Last weekend was especially good with extensive active regions.


My Ha setup is a Lunt LS60, which gives good light levels for visual.


Quite a few people talk about hoods or even towels over their heads to help mask the stray sunshine.


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