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Another Harmonic Mount on the way


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Yet another harmonic mount on the way from Pegasus Astro



It incorporates high precision strain wave (harmonic) gears. The mount weighs just 6.2Kg and is capable of driving 20+ Kg of equipment.


Looking interesting from many manufacturers now.

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Can't wait for some real world user reviews on these mounts ... I've sold a load of my gear to fund one as my back can't handle the heq5 and C8 any more !

Leaning towards the Ioptron HEM27 but really need to see some reviews.

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The Nyx looks to be a Gem45 competitor (20kg class) while the HEM27 is more like a Gem28. In the latter case another £600 or so to gain 0.8kg. Real world performance will be the decider for me. But interesting developments across the board. 

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First light optics have had 7 of the HEM 27 with Ipolar in stock for a while now ... no sales yet ...

I suspect It's because nobody want's or needs the Ipolar but Ioptron are trying to force sell them by releasing the kit first 😞


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