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New Altair 3nm ULTRA Narrowband filters are in stock

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New Altair 3nm ULTRA Narrowband filters are in stock.


Another Altair first - each filter has an individual test report.


Very deep OD blocking make these filters able to support deepsky imaging with a full moon, in the city. In fact, the images below were taken in London this summer.


I've added some star tests with Altair 80mm F6 Triplet APO running at F4.8 with Planostar 0.8x reducer. They were kindly sent to me by customer Ryan Harris, a Beta tester who has had them for some time, and a member of the Altair Facebook group. You can check out his images in the group.








Single sub screenshot with Altair Hypercam 26M camera & Altair 80mm Wave Series ED Triplet. 600secs DBE & basic stretch in Pixinsight (elephant's trunk nebula, test images all courtesy Ryan Harris, London): 


No description available.

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On 12/15/2022 at 6:56 PM, TerryMcK said:

They look great and the O3 doesn’t appear to have any dreaded haloes around the bright star.

Hi Terry, just saw your post.  Yes absolutely! As you can see from the Altair Facebook group, there are plenty of V2 filters in the market now, working on a variety of scopes and setups. Results are perfect every time, and no reports of any halos whatsoever on any V2 filter.

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