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My astrophotography rig


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Here is my current (mostly) photographic setup.


Skywatcher NEQ6 pro mount, CdC/EQmod controled, ASTAP plate solving (WIP)

Skywatcher BK200P @f/5 Newton

Baader MkII MPCC

QHY5/8x50 Finderguider, PHD2 guiding

Pegasus Astro Power Box Micro

Altair Astro 269C Pro TEC Hypercam, CCDciel controled

DIY SGL stand alone focuser (still need to look into ASCOM autofocusing)

HP Core I5 8GB RAM mini PC.




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New add on to my gear, the Skywatcher Quattro 150P with the optically matched aplanic coma corrector making it a F/3.45 scope. I love this wider FOV it gives and off course the fast focal ratio.


Been working on controling this little beast, but first results will follow shortly.


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