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Help Identifying a Mount and Drive


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I recently bought a C8 telescope and its accompanying mount and drive at an online auction. As I decided to bid on it including looking at the few online pictures provided, I thought the mount was a manual mount and that I would have to update at least the drive and possibly the mount.


When I got the scope, I discovered that the drive was actually powered and controlled! But, no control interface came with the scope. The mount and drive appear to be very sturdy and well made. As I looked further, I was surprised that I couldn’t find any indication of who made the drive or any indication of the mount model. I would like to get the interface so I can use the powered drive of the scope and also control it via software.


I removed one of the drive modules for the attached pics. Does anyone recognize the maker or model of the mount and drive or have an idea of how I can find out?

Total Drive.jpeg





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It's not an old EQ4 mount, is all I can say. The finish is similar, but a lot of the moulding and fittings are different. 

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